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Car Breakdowns

Car Breakdowns

Broken down? Car not starting? Do you have warning lights on your dash? Is your car making a funny noise?

Technology advancements in motor vehicles have been quite incredible over the past 20 years, meaning the likelihood of breakdowns has reduced significantly. Unfortunately, these same technology advances means the normal car owner isn’t equipped to be able to repair their own car and get themselves back on the road.

In many cases, sophisticated diagnosis equipment is required to be able to diagnose faults correctly and efficiently in the modern motor vehicle.

In some cases though, it may just be a simple and quick repair that you can check yourself should you feel confident enough to pop the bonnet and take a look.

Here are a few things you can check yourself:
  • Is there enough oil in your engine?
  • Are you low on coolant in the cooling system? (WARNING: Only ever open the cooling system when the engine is cold and always refer to the user manual in your vehicle if you are unsure)
  • How old is your battery? Are the battery terminals loose?
  • Is the vehicle in Park or Neutral? (Automatic cars only).
  • Do you have enough fuel?

Outside of some of these common breakdown issues, you may need a mechanic to come and take a look, meaning you can either have the vehicle towed to a workshop or call a mobile mechanic. Towing your vehicle to a workshop will generally set you back anywhere between $150-$300, depending on the distance. It also means you will need to wait for a tow truck to arrive and then the workshop that receives your vehicle may not be able to even look at your car for 1-2 days in some cases.

Alternatively, a mobile mechanic may be a more time and cost-effective option. Generally we are able to attend to breakdowns within 24 hours and sometimes within the hour. We can diagnose the problem then and there and quote you for any repairs. You are also able to watch as we diagnose and repair your vehicle.


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