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Transmission Service & Repair

The job of your car’s transmission is to change the gears and transfer power from your car engine to the wheels. Obviously, if this system isn’t working correctly your car can have some pretty significant trouble.

Servicing your car’s transmission is recommended about every 20,000kms or so, depending on your driving habits and the make and age of your car. Some things that can wear your car’s transmission faster include carrying heavy loads and coasting with the clutch pedal pushed in (for cars with manual transmissions).

Some common signs that your car’s transmission needs fixing include:

  • Grinding when changing gears
  • Fluid leaking under the car
  • Not changing gears smoothly
  • Slipping out of gear

We can easily check your car at your home or office to see whether the transmission needs servicing or repairs. Contact Us today for a quote or to set up an appointment.